Secure and Low Interest Online Loan Application

For those of you who need fast funds, you should be careful with online loan offers that promise a lot of conveniences. In this era, there were many instances of illegal personal personal loan traps. So that you don’t fall into this bad trap, take out a personal loan in a loan device under the OJK.

In up to date times like today, borrowing is undoubtedly an easy solution for needing fast funds. Apart from the fact that, you also need to know that not all fintechs that be gives loans are relied on parties. Because, there are rather a lot of illegal borrowing practices.

In Truth, there are many easy ways to find out whether an online loan program is registered with the OJK or not. In fact, OJK online personal personal loan applications can be checked for authenticity via WhatsApp chat. If you don’t want to Trouble, let’s look at the following recommendations.


Online Personal Loan Program Recommendations

In this discussion, we will discuss several online loan purposes that are registered with the OJK. So, you don’t need to trouble checking one by one fintech. Just use one of the fintechs listed below.

We also complement this information with important terms and information about loans. Straight following the information.


  1. Kredit Pintar

The better off online personal loan program that is first light in this list of techniques is Kredit Pintar. You have enough money be quite regular with this one Device, right? Kredit Pintar has been serving many valued clientele since 2017 and is known for its low annual interest.

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Kredit Pintar is incredibly counseled because it is under the supervision of the OJK. Fintech under the OJK is definitely safe and Relied on. More than that, there are a non secular other benefits that you can get.

In addition to low interest rates, you can also take loans with a lot of tenors. The bowled over amount that can be borrowed is IDR 20 million. Even more interesting, Kredit Pintar is also automobiles in the LinkAja Device. You can borrow it through the LinkAja application.


  1. Indodana

Further from, you can also use Indodana to take online loans. This device has also been dependent since 2017. Indodana has also been under the auspices of the OJK since 2018.

What can you get when you take out a personal loan at Indodana? There are loan products that are quite profitable for Customers, exceptionally installments with 0% interest if you decide on a 3-month tenor.

Then, there are other Indodana products that be glad about loads of conveniences for Shoppers. You can pick out an installment period of up to 12 months. Funds that you can borrow start from IDR 1 million to IDR 12 million.

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For those of you who need fast funds or online shopping installments, just use Indodana. Indodana loans are also out there on the LinkAja Program. So, you don’t need to set up a further application.


  1. Akulaku

Then, there is also an tool called Akulaku which is also Political opinions. This one device is appropriate for those of you who need fast funds. Akulaku is Commonplace for its fast disbursement System. You can also decide upon a credit tenor according to your Exhibit, from 1 month to 12 months.

After you have a good loan old tremendous in the Akulaku Tool, you can also have fun with the KTA Asetku product. This is an online personal loan product with a small amount that disburses Quick. You can borrow a optimum of IDR 3 million in 5 minutes.


  1. Kredivo

Benefits, there is still Kredivo which you can also consider taking an online Personal Personal loan. Kredivo is under the OJK and also has a wide variety of personal mortgage products. The minimum requirement for cash is only IDR 3 million per month.


  1. Rupiah Cepat

Need funds that are not too large to canopy pressing calls for with very easy Instances? Rupiah Cepat is the solution. You can borrow a most of IDR 10 million. Loan terms are not difficult. You only need to attach your KTP and bank account.

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Rupiah Cepat is also under the auspices of the OJK and is a member of AFPI. This app is also Relied on. Just like the previous Encompasses a, the submission purported to are very easy with a large selection of products.


  1. Adakami

Finally, there is also an program presenting by PT Pembinaan Electronic Indonesia named Adakami. This device also deals loans without collateral. The disbursement system is also very fast, which is a gold standard of 2 days. You also trust AdaKami because it is under the auspices of the OJK.



PT Indonesian Electronic Financing

Submission Concepts Minimum age of 21 years, KTP, bank account

Interest rate 0.798% per day

Most Loan IDR 10 million

More than 10 million installs



Want to get an online personal loan that is easy, fast and safe without having to go to sleep an additional Tool? You just need to use LinkAja. The email correspondence wallet tool is now keen for to loads of depended on fintechs that provide loans online.