List of the Best Car Insurance Options in Indonesia

There are many car insurance options that can be used to care for your beloved vehicle. Each insurance product has its own advantages that you can choose according to your needs.
Still confused to choose? The following is a list of the best car insurance options from various leading insurance companies in Indonesia.

List of the best car insurance options

For owners of four-wheeled vehicles, car insurance is a must-have. With insurance, car owners will not be bothered if minor or major damage occurs.
In fact, some car insurance also offers additional benefits for damage caused by unwanted things such as natural disasters or riots. But not only that, there are distinct advantages between all risk car insurance products and TLO car insurance.
The list below is the best insurance with affordable premiums and maximum benefits. Come on, let’s find out more.

1. Monument Insurance

Tugu Insurance, also known as Tugu Pratama Indonesia, is a car insurance with very affordable premiums. Premiums for Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance policies start at IDR 35,000 per month, while for All Risk insurance policies starting at IDR 175,000 per month.
You don’t need to worry about the ease of access to workshops, because Tugu Insurance has 307 partner workshops throughout Indonesia. In fact, not only car insurance, Tugu Pratama Indonesia also has motorcycle insurance and health insurance products.

2. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Sinar Mas car insurance is often the choice of old car owners. The reason is, this insurance covers the age of the car up to 12 years.
The premiums are also very affordable, starting from IDR 35,000 for TLO insurance and IDR 175,000 per month for All Risk insurance. The insurance managed by PT Asuransi Sinar Mas (ASM) also has 584 partner workshops.

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3. ACA insurance

ACA car insurance has more than 400 partner repair shops and offers two policy options, namely TLO and All Risk.
This insurance can be used to cover damage to cars that are a maximum of seven years old. Premiums start from IDR 48,000 per month for TLO car insurance and IDR 218,000 for All Risk car insurance.

4. Adira Autocillin

Adira Autocilin Insurance is a car insurance managed by PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia Tbk (Zurich Insurance). This insurance offers the advantage of 24-hour service for customers who need it.
To get this service, you can pay a premium of IDR 71,000 per month for TLO insurance and IDR 281,000 per month for All Risk insurance services.

5. AXA Mandiri Insurance

AXA Mandiri Insurance which is managed by Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) also offers affordable premiums for the best service. Premiums start from IDR 45,000 per month for TLO and IDR 194,000 per month for All Risk.
Very affordable, right? With affordable premiums, AXA Mandiri provides partners for more than 150 workshops.

6. Simas Insurtech Insurance

Simas Insurtech car insurance is an insurance product from Simas Insurtech which offers three types of policies. These three are TLO insurance policies, All Risk (Comprehensive), and additional benefits (rider) in the form of third party liability insurance (TPL).
With maximum service, insurance premiums for Simar Insurtech can be had starting from IDR 45 thousand per month for a TLO policy and starting from IDR 257 thousand per month for an All Risk policy.

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7. Tokio Marine Insurance

Tokio Marine Insurance has two policy options, namely TLO and All Risk insurance policies. Tokio Marine insurance TLO insurance premiums start from just Rp. 36 thousand per month.
Meanwhile, All Risk insurance premiums start from IDR 205 thousand per month.
This insurance also provides services in the form of a 24-hour call center that can be contacted when the vehicle owner has an accident and is about to make a claim.

8. ABDA Insurance

This insurance, which is managed by PT Asuransi Bina Dana Arta Tbk, has more than 400 workshop partners throughout Indonesia. Premiums start from IDR 65,000 per month for TLO insurance and IDR 278,000 per month for All Risk insurance.
Sompo car insurance PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia has two policy options, namely TLO and All Risk policies. This insurance already has partners in more than 500 workshops throughout Indonesia. Premiums are also affordable, starting from IDR 193 thousand per month for All Risk insurance.

Types of car insurance

In general, there are two types of car insurance to choose from to protect your vehicle from the risk of damage.
The first is Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance, while the second is All Risk insurance or often referred to as comprehensive insurance. All car insurance companies will provide these two options which can be purchased according to the needs of the vehicle owner.

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1. All risk car insurance

All Risk Insurance will cover repair costs for all car damage, both light and heavy. Starting from scratches due to being hit by another vehicle to the replacement of components due to severe damage.
All Risk insurance premiums are usually more expensive than TLO insurance premiums because they provide more comprehensive coverage.

2. TLO car insurance

Unlike All Risk insurance, TLO car insurance only covers damage with repair costs equal to or more than 75 percent of the car’s price at that time and losses due to lost cars being stolen.
This means that minor damage such as abrasions cannot be covered by this insurance. However, TLO car insurance premiums are cheaper than All Risk car insurance. So, which one to choose?