How to Choose a Good Hosting

This time the author wants to share about how to choose a good hosting. Based on the author’s experience, the author will only discuss the important elements that must be known for beginners. Beginners must know the basics of these elements so they don’t just choose. Here’s the explanation…

How to choose a good hosting?

In fact, no one really offers the best hosting from every hosting provider. All have their advantages and disadvantages. But this time there are a number of things that beginners should pay attention to in choosing to join your prospective hosting provider. Here are the points:

1. Access Cpanel

Cpanel access is urgent because with this access we can freely configure our website. We can set up our website according to what we need. It turns out that not all hosting service providers provide Cpanel access. Readers can visit the page below for a more detailed explanation.

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2. Ease of payment

Payment here is what is meant by monthly, quarterly or annual payments. So each hosting has its own active period. Therefore, the active period needs to be renewed. So, to renew this active period, a payment is required every month, three months or a year depending on the previously selected option. Ease of renewal is of course a separate priority as well.

3. Don’t just be cheap

Many beginners are often stuck here. Complaints about this also the author also get from one of the experiences of a blogger. Cheap but unsatisfactory hosting. Many hosting providers are competing to provide the cheapest hosting services. But the author’s own experience proves that this cheapness is directly proportional to the services provided. For example, services for consulting when our website has problems, there is no service for migrating to other hosting providers and so on.

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4. Ease of logging into hosting accounts

This is one of the points that the author highlights. Because the author himself has experienced difficulties just logging into an account on the author’s hosting. This certainly more or less spoils the mood of the writer as a blogger. How can you immediately focus on writing content if just logging into your own hosting account is slow?

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Maybe these 4 things that beginners must pay attention to to choose the best hosting service provider. Once again the author says, there is no best hosting service provider. It’s just that, the points above need to be considered so that future website configurations are easier. Good luck 🙂