Free Ways to Make a Website

In addition to data packages, generally making a website costs money, at least for renting web hosting and domains. However, if you want to learn, there are several free ways to build a website.

What do you need to create a website?

– Web Hosting

– Website Address (Domain)

– WordPress or other website engines.

Like a factory, web hosting can be likened to land or place. WordPress is a production machine, and the domain is the name or address of the manufacturer. To get to the factory location, one must know the correct address. To open the Google search engine page, we need to enter the Google URL in a browser (chrome, firefox, safari, etc.). Likewise our website later.


As mentioned above, the fee for hosting is generally intended for hosting and domain rental. Now! What if the hosting is free, the domain is also free? No charge! Free aliases.

Is there any? Lots!


How to Get a Free Short Extension Domain (Not a Sub Domain)

Currently, many hosting providers provide an opportunity for visitors to sample their hosting services for free. They will usually give sub domains for free. For example, the main domain is, then the sub domains will be “”, “”, etc. naming after the main domain. Where can I get a free domain that is not a sub domain?

We can get free domains with extensions .tk, .ga, .cf, .ml and .gq through Your website address will end in one of these extensions. Example:,, etc. If later you make a sub domain, it will be like this, “”, “” etc.

Freenom provides a free domain for 1 year. How to register the domain is very easy. You only need to visit the website, select a domain, then checkout. However, there are several reports that Indonesian IPs are not accepted at Freenom, so the solution must be to use a VPN.

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The following are some free web hosting that you should consider using to create a website or learn to make a website. These hostings usually offer unlimited features. Such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, although they still have limitations in other respects, they are sufficient for learning media.


This Web Hosting provider is quite popular among free hosting users. This hosting provider sponsored by iFast Net claims that around 200,000 people have registered and are using their free hosting service. Even though they are free they offer unlimited features. There are ads but only on the display client area, and cpanel. On our website later you will not find advertisements from them.

What free features do they offer?

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

400 MySQL Databases

PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.4

MySQL 5.6

Full .htaccess support

Free Subdomain Names

Free SSL on your own domains

Free DNS Service

infinityfree also provides a popular website builder, Softaculous Apps Installer which makes it easy for users to install various website programs instantly!

  1. 000webhost

This free hosting provider is one of the hostinger services that has been providing free hosting services for a long time. Some of the free features that 000webhost offers include:

1 Websites

check300 MB Disk Space

checkLimited Bandwidth (3GB)

Cloudflare Protection

check99% Uptime Guarantee

check1X Allocated Resources

check1 FTP Account

check1 Cronjobs

check1 MySQL Databases

This hosting also has a Zyro website builder website builder that will help you build a website easily. Like infinityfree, 000webhost will also not display ads on the websites that we create later, but they will display ads on the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Freehostia

Freehostia has free and paid hosting services. The free plan provides:

5 websites

No subdomains

250 MB disk space

6GB bandwidth

One MySQL database

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FAQ and ticket support system

Like the others, this hosting has access to a website builder complete with templates. If you run into a problem, you can get your support ticket answered within an hour, even on the free plan.

  1. Free Hosting

FreeHosting offers both free and paid hosting. With the free plan, you get:

One website

No subdomains

10GB disk space

Unmetered Bandwidth

One MySQL database

Support tickets

You can use your own domain name, or FreeHosting can register it for you. This provider offers unmetered bandwidth as long as you comply with their Usage Policy.

FreeHosting does not offer services to users in Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria or Vietnam.

  1. ByetHost

ByetHost is an iFastNet company that provides various web hosting services. the free plan provides:

Including sub domains

5GB disk space

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 MySQL databases

24/7 support via ticket system and knowledge base

ByetHost support is pretty good even for a free hosting package. Apart from that, there is also a complete guide in the form of articles and video tutorials.

  1. HyperPHP

HyperPHP is a free web hosting service also provided by iFastNet. This free HyperPHP plan offers:

1GB disk space

Free subdomain included

MySQL databases

Free technical support and community forum

This hosting provider offers several ways to make launching a new website easy.

  1. FreeWebHostingArea

FreeWebHostingArea offers:

1.5GB disk space

Unmetered Traffic

MySQL databases

Email support

To use FreeWebHostingArea, your site must have at least one visitor per month. It can be removed for inactivity if you fall below this metric. The service also prohibits private projects, APIs and password protected websites.

  1. AwardSpace

AwardSpace offers a free plan, which includes:

1 websites

3 subdomains

1GB disk space

5GB bandwidth

MySQL databases

Live chat 24/7

The hosting provider includes one-click content management system (CMS) installation as well as the Zacky website builder. Also, 24/7 live chat is available for free plan users if you have any questions.

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Once launched, your website will be ad-free.

  1. Profreehost

Like its twin brother infinityfree, profreehost offers WOW features for the free class.

Unlimited Diskspace

Unlimited Bandwidth

MySQL Databases

Easy Control Panel

Website Builder

100% Free

No Hidden Costs

Free Subdomains

99.9% Uptime

No Forced Ads

Here you can also find website builders, softaculous apps installers to help with the process of creating your website later.


Install wordpress via Cpanel

After having a free domain and hosting, there is only one more step left, namely installing WordPress on our hosting. And of course how to create a free website. As we know, WordPress is an open source blog engine and free CMS that is widely used even by large companies such as CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, TechCrunch, etc. The good news is, all of the hosting mentioned above have an application to install WordPress automatically. Either through softaculous or Zyro website builder.

WordPress is a very popular open source application used as a blog engine. WordPress is built with the PHP programming language and MySQL database. PHP and MySQL, both are open source software (open source software). Apart from being a blog, WordPress has also begun to be used as a CMS (Content Management System) because of its ability to be modified and adapted to the needs of its users. WordPress is currently a content management system (CMS) platform for several well-known websites such as CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and others. (Wikipedia)



Hope it is useful !