Explain What is a Hosting Migration!


What is Hosting Migration?

Hosting migration is an activity to move a website from an old hosting service provider to a new hosting service because the web owner has some problems or is dissatisfied with the old hosting service.

Poor hosting will greatly affect the success of the website that you have.

For example, if access is very slow, of course tourists will be lazy and leave it. If this is the case, it means that you are required to migrate hosting.

Of the many hosting service providers, of course many have difficulty determining which hosting is most suitable for the web. As a result, the costs will be incurred when choosing the wrong hosting. Maybe it often comes to mind to migrate hosting but are afraid of the difficult and risky process on the website.

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Here are some signs that you must migrate hosting

Servers often face downtime

Servers that are frequently down are a problem that tourists take seriously. Even if the server down occurs for only a few seconds, tourists will lose confidence in the website.

Travelers will feel the site is of low quality and unreliable. This will also result in a reduction in website growth and losses due to running out of potential customers.

Slow web speed

Not only is the server busy, the server’s position on the web also ensures the speed of processing information for visitors. Web speed affects the increase in web traffic.

Tourists will be lazy to continue searching on your website if the journey is slow. A slow website will also be tracked by Google and result in an increase in search engines.

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Bad customer service

In using hosting services, it is possible that some problems will occur on the website. You can ask for hosting services to solve this problem. If the hosting service doesn’t provide suitable solutions and is hard to contact, it’s time to look for a new hosting service. A good hosting provider will serve and provide solutions to customers quickly and accurately.

The web takes up more space

When a business continues to grow, the web also requires a server that can accommodate heavy traffic and an ever-increasing amount of information. You can find the right hosting in providing a large space. By upgrading the web hosting performance will continue to be optimal.

Expensive hosting fees

In determining hosting, you must familiarize yourself with web requirements. Do not let you use a package that is not fully used on the web. This is very wasteful. Look for other hosting at a more affordable price and the package fits your needs.

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Strong security

Security is an important aspect in choosing hosting. Don’t run out or leak significant data on the web. This causes your website to run out of customer confidence.

Steps to perform hosting migration

  1. Make backup files on the website
  2. Export the website database
  3. Create a new database
  4. Import the website database
  5. Make modifications to the website files
  6. Upload website files
  7. Make sure the web function works properly
  8. Update DNS settings