Cyber Panel Free VPS Hosting Panel Solution

Cyber Panel Free VPS Hosting Panel Solution

Hosting or a server where website data is stored is the most important infrastructure for viewing our website online. To facilitate the management of multiple domains on one server, a hosting server administrator requires a feature which is usually called a hosting panel. There are paid hosting panels themselves and of course some are free. one of the trending and paid hosting panels is Cpanel.

Meanwhile, the trend for free and frequently used VPS is CyberPanel. CyberPanel is the first open source control panel that supports and uses OpenLiteSpeed for the free and LiteSpeed Enterprise for the paid version. The difference between these two versions is the support, and in terms of the free features, we have full power to use for the alternative hosting server panels that we have.

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The features owned by CyberPanel include the following:

– Multiple User access (Admin, Reseller, User)

– sending dovecot/postfix emails using snappymail / rainloop

– support DKIM Email create

– Support multiple DNS

– Support Docker


– Git Connector web



-MariaDB for databases

– Firewalls





CyberPanel itself allows us to choose the PHP version that we will use up to version 8.1, not to be outdone when we use cpanel. Unlike the Apache PHP that we usually use on localhost, CyberPanel uses LiteSpeed technology which is claimed to be 3x much faster in optimizing websites that use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). for that CyberPanel is very suitable for web hosting management with various features such as the paid version.

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When the author tries setting up e-mails using spam assassin using features from CyberPanel, there is a problem that has not been solved so far, namely emails cannot be received. For this reason, it is suggested that the spam assassin feature cannot be used, but the inactivity of this feature does not affect the ability to send and receive email using snappy mail or rainloop as the latest email alternative.

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How to install CyberPanel?

sh <(curl || wget -O –

the next step is to select number 1 to install and 1 again to install OplenLiteSpeed which is free then follow the other instructions until the installation information is complete and displays installation data along with the restart command


good luck …