Characteristics of Loan Fraud Via Social Media

Characteristics of Loan Fraud Via Social Media

In today’s online era, of course, it’s easier for us to reach the things we want to do. Starting from shopping, to the interests of transportation, we can access it online.

Well, what’s even better now is that you can get a loan online if you need it at any time. Of course you also know what service? Yes, it’s true online loan services, just by using your cellphone, you can feel the benefits of financing or credit from online loan platforms.

The ease of service provided is an advantage for residents so that they are more flexible, you don’t need to bother coming to a place, just stay at home, you can get a loan online to meet your needs!

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It is this convenience that makes many irresponsible people or groups use this condition by committing fraud under the guise of online loans. Their cleverness is that in order to hook their victims, they don’t only do it via telephone or text messages, but they also take advantage of the social media that most people use, namely Facebook and Instagram.

They do various ways, starting from tempting seduction via short messages on social media, whatsapp, telephone being their main weapon. Even though the Financial Services Authority has advised not to believe in this offer easily, still, until now there are still people who report it because the money has disappeared, the perpetrators have fled.

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If you need a loan to liquidate quickly, stay alert so you don’t become a victim of fraud. For that, identify and remember the characteristics of the online loan fraud mode on the following social media.

1. There is a Forced Product Offer
2. Not Utilizing Mandatory Requirements
3. Asking for Deposit Money
4. Invalid online loan provider info
5. Request Personal News
6. Pay Bills to Personal Accounts or E-Money
7. Appearance of Unprofessional Social Facilities

How to Report an Illegal Online Loan For those of you who suspect that there is an online loan without permission, don’t be nervous. You can immediately report those who offer illegal online loans to the authorities. There are three ways you can do this, including:

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1. Report to the Police
2. Report to the Investment Alert Task Force
3. Content Complaint Information communication