11 Best Hosting in Indonesia 2023

The most comprehensive web hosting test ever conducted in Indonesia
We’ve tested some of the most popular web hosting services in Indonesia to see which ones are really good. We have hosted the exact same website on each provider for several months, and checked its security, loading speed and uptime in Indonesia. We also contacted the support team to see if they could really help.

We present the results of the most comprehensive study on hosting services conducted in Indonesia. Can a local hosting provider offer you better service than a big international hosting? The answer may surprise you.

Best Hosting in Indonesia 2023

You can learn more about our testing process of what we expect from a great web hosting provider below.

#1 Niagahoster: Best Performance

Fast responsive customer service 24/7.
Free SSL forever on all subscription plans.
Free SEO and internet marketing tools, SSL, Litespeed enterprise.
Free security system (anti-DDoS and malware protection).
30 day money back guarantee.
100% uptime.

Niagahoster is a web hosting service provider in Indonesia that serves more than 50,000 online sites. Niagahoster provides Unlimited hosting plans, Cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Each plan has packages with prices according to your needs.

Hosting performance at Niagahoster is the best and most stable in its class. Site performance can be maximized with SEO and site optimization tools that are provided free of charge with all packages offered.

You definitely have to make up for good performance at a high price. You have to book for at least 1 year to enjoy the strong service and performance from Niagahoster. Therefore, we recommend this web hosting provider if you want to create a thriving online store or news portal.

Niagahoster has a client area and control panel that is easy to use. Niagahoster is also equipped with the Softaculous one-click installer application to easily install the CMS of your choice. If you are not proficient at operating your web hosting, you don’t need to worry. Niagahoster customer service already uses a 24/7 Live Chat system to serve customer complaints quickly. The solutions provided by customer service are quite good without being long-winded.

#2 Hostinger: Good Speed + Low Fees

Performance is quite good and capable.
Free hosting migration.
Domain bonus (on selected plans).
Responsive customer service.
The control panel is easy to use.
Promos / discounts are quite large (if you buy more than a year).

The hosting performance that we tested was quite stable (100% uptime during late January and February 2023) with fairly fast load times. However, if you are not satisfied or your website specifications require excellent performance, you can choose a more expensive Cloud Hosting plan. Don’t worry, the discounts at Hostinger Indonesia are quite large, so you can still save money. Unfortunately, the deep discounts shown are only for purchases over one year.

You will be spoiled by the concise and dynamic appearance of the hPanel. If you have trouble managing your hosting, all you have to do is contact customer service who is ready to help you 24/7. However, it’s a good idea to read the tutorials and knowledge base before asking.

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#3 SiteGround: Great WordPress Support

Steady performance.
Customer service is available 24/7.
The control panel is easy to operate.
Free migration fees.
Install WordPress automatically when paying.
30 day money back guarantee.
SiteGround is called one of the best hosting right now. SiteGround excels at performance and customer service. Unfortunately, this site is still not affordable (cheapest price is $ 11.95/month or around Rp. 176,000.00/month). So, we do not recommend this for newbie bloggers who have a limited budget.

SiteGround is a purpose-built hosting provider approved by WordPress. This provider also makes it easy for customers to install their WordPress site. You only need to enter the email and password you want to install the new site.

SiteGround customer service is one of the best customer service experiences. SiteGround’s customer service communicates in a friendly and easy to understand manner. So, we can still communicate well both ways even though we use English.

#4 Qwords: Flexible Payment Plan

Affordable and flexible prices.
Fast response customer service and call center (24/7).
The servers are stable (100% uptime) and quite fast.
45 day money back guarantee.
Qwords hosting features are quite complete. You can choose different types of plans to suit your needs. Qwords has used Cloud hosting technology which is more reliable in handling complex sites and having lots of visitors. Qwords has 100% server uptime. So, this vendor is suitable for online shops with simple CMS.

All hosting options also include a free domain and SSL certificate (only for some plans), website builder and one-click installer (Softalucous), as well as SEO & Marketing Tools.

You can select a website hosting plan according to your Exhibit. Qwords offers many selections of services and Can charge. The charge cycle is also quite Bendy, you can order services with a minimum of three months of charge cycles.

#5 Exabytes: Cheap + Lots of Resources

Low price with lively features.
24/7 service support with live chat.
Free domain on certain plans for a year (min. order 1 year).
Server locations in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia).
Exabytes Indonesia still has to improve its performance. Especially in terms of server response time (SRT), which is quite slow. Unfortunately there is no Softaculous in our hosting packages. Even though this cPanel application is very crucial to install CMS easily.

Exabytes only provides some of the leading pre-installed CMS scripts: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and several other CMS. The good news is, Exabytes Indonesia is aware of the need for website owners for SEO and includes SEO tools in their hosting packages.

All of these imperfect features are covered by a stable server. Customer service is responsive and quite competent in dealing with problems faced by customers. The hosting price is also quite pocket-friendly and lots of bonuses are prepared for you.

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Exabytes Cloud Hosting is more suitable for large budget sites. For example online stores, news portals, to company profile sites. These sites require large resources and unlimited data transfer.

If you just want to create a personal website or blog, the Cheap Web Hosting plans at Exabytes are more than enough. The storage capacity is quite large although data transfer and the number of additional domains is limited.

#6 DomaiNesia: Optimized WordPress

It has been optimized for WordPress hosting.
Has caching file technology and memory.
Complete SEO and Marketing tools.
Responsive customer service 24/7.
Prices and plans are flexible.
Domainesia has a wide selection of hosting packages and most importantly, the storage space is quite large at a friendly price. The performance of the servers where we hosted our test site was also quite good. The speed and response time of our site is quite good even though it is below the global average. However, the server uptime is still unstable at 99.87% with quite a long downtime.

This hosting is suitable for blogs and company or school profiles. If you want to build a complex online store, your site will be very slow. Domainesia’s customer service is friendly and quick to reply to our questions. However, they prefer to provide external links rather than directly help with the problems we face.

#7 Dewaweb: Long Money Back Guarantee

Servers are stable and responsive.
High specification features.
Customer service is friendly and helpful.
Flexible billing cycles.
ISO 270001 certification for data security.
90 day money back guarantee.
DewaWeb does provide high prices to redeem their reliable hosting services. But, with good server performance and stability (100% uptime for 3 months trial), this high price will pay for your satisfaction. You can also easily install your favorite CMS using Softaculous. DewaWeb’s customer service is responsive enough to answer our messages and questions. In accordance with their slogan “Ninja Support”.

DewaWeb is suitable for personal sites to corporate profiles, online shops and bustling news portals. The downside, the price paid is of course very expensive. There are only two types of hosting packages, namely Personal and Corporate.

#8 IDWebhost: Best Customer Service

The price is quite cheap (Rp 9,900.00/month).
Best customer service.
Hosting options and features are quite diverse.
Free SEO audit and consulting services (on certain plans and packages).
IDWebhost’s hosting service is quite reliable and the price is also affordable, although the features are mediocre, especially the choice of CPU and RAM. Server performance (uptime and response time) must be improved again so that their claim as the best hosting can be justified.

Fortunately, IDWebhost provides many bonuses and other benefits that can make up for these deficiencies. Responsive customer service is also ready to help you optimize the site you have. You can also learn how to manage your hosting yourself on the IDWebhost knowledge base and blog.

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#9 DhyHost: Fast WhatsApp Live Chat

Affordable prices.
Many choices of attractive hosting plans.
Customer service is supported by WhatsApp and live chat 24/7.
Get bonus premium WordPress plugins and themes on certain packages and plans.
Servers located in the USA, Singapore and Indonesia are available.
DhyHost is one of the new players in the world of Indonesian web hosting providers. DhyHost can be a competitor for other web hosting providers in Indonesia. Plans and hosting packages vary and have quite pocket-friendly prices. The company’s customer service has also been enhanced with 24/7 live chat as well as WhatsApp chat. You can even directly contact Aldy Pratama, the founder of the company and General Support on this site.

Like other cheap hosting service providers, DhyHost still has to improve their server performance. Especially uptime and server response time. So, we recommend you to use Semi-dedicated and cloud hosting especially if you want to create a website that is complex in functionality.

#10 Web House: Hosting Without a Budget Limit

Cheap prices.
Flexible payments.
Fast responsive customer service 24/7.
Various hosting plan options.
Rumahweb’s performance, load time and downtime must be improved. Our site tends to take longer to load than the global site average. Downtime was detected three times over two months, this result is quite worrying especially if your site is busy. Hosting features at Rumahweb are quite attractive and powerful. Especially Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting. The features offered are quite attractive at an inexpensive price.

#11 Whplus: Lowest Price

Perfect for personal website/blog owners.
The most economical price (Rp 50,000.00/year).
Various service options.
Server locations are in the USA, Singapore, and Jakarta.
Whplus is a hosting provider that dares to cut prices. For example, cloud hosting with 1 GB of space is only priced at IDR 45,000/3 months. It performs well enough for personal sites and simple SMBs.

However, we do not recommend this hosting for those of you who want to create complex sites and need stability. But, if you have a personal blog network or a simple blog with a small budget, WHplus could be the best choice for you.

This web hosting provider has mediocre features and customer service. Unfortunately, there are no SEO tools and live chat services like other leading hosting providers in Indonesia.

You will have to wait one to two days for the customer service to reply to your ticket. So, apart from complex websites, this vendor is not suitable for those of you who are not experienced with hosting.